Comic Book Review: Aliens Omnibus 1 to 6

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I've always loved Aliens. They made me had nightmares when I watched the movies as a child, but I loved them. I would build LEGO bases and vehicles and imagine my characters had to survive xenomorph attacks. I had some metal painted miniatures, and played every Arcade and that licensed or was inspired by the movies. And I had since long pending to read the six Aliens Omnibus volumes.

Vol. 1 is a bit long and sometimes bizarre, with too much effort put on keeping present the original (surviving) characters from Aliens movie. But a few of the shorter series had a pass, so not terrible.

Half of Vol. 2 is Colonial Marines, a huge mashup of loosely connected sub-stories, under a common setting and plot. At times I felt there were missing pages due to the sudden narrative changes, jumping to an unknown character that we briefly see during two pages to never be heard of again afterwards. I also probably didn't liked it too much because it breaks the "xenomorph science" rules, stretches and the royal jelly concept too far for my liking.

And then everything gets even worse: Too many comics along the whole Omnibus series have too weird, surreal and sometimes even directly disgusting plots. Once they came up with the "royal jelly as drug" concept, all sorts of twists around the concept are used over and over, as the basis for otherwise weak stories. Also to be noted that the usage of iconic guns, spaceships and APC tanks in some cases is nice, but in general is over-abused, up to the point that Earth has been almost destroyed and re-created (way after the first two Alien movies), humanity seems to have advanced, and yet they keep using almost the same ships, vehicles and weapons.

To be sincere, when I was at the sixth and last omnibus, I skipped more than half of it. skimming through the pages or checking the first ones of each story were enough to detect that quality didn't improved, so I decided to not waste my time.

I feel deeply disappointed. Predator Omnibus felt dull and repetitive at times, but Aliens Omnibus is directly bad, excepting a few very specific mini-series.

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