Comic Book: Legion of Monsters (Marvel)

Legion of Monsters

Legion of monsters is a small compilation of 8 comics about monsters in the Marvel universe.

The 8 tales featured are:

  • The Werewolf
  • The Frankenstein
  • The Man-Thing
  • The Zombie
  • The Vampire
  • Dracula and his daughter
  • Satana
  • The Mummy

Some of the tales (all feel quite short and maybe lack some more deep) are quite empty, like Morbius (the vampire) or the Werewolf. You read them and feel like "and that's all? nothing else?".

Others like the Man-Thing, the Zombie or the Mummy are more frightening. The one of the mummy is very interestingly drawn, sets apart from traditional comics for the better.

The drawings are good in general (except for Satana which I didn't liked too much), different styles but overall nice results.

As I said, some of the tales are good but others are not very interesting.

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