Comic: All Star Batman and Robin

All Star Batman & Robin

Coming from Frank Miller, I expected a hard and dark comic, but this Batman characterization caught me by surprise.

All Star Batman & Robin is not the typical slight hero adaptation. It is a radical view. A madman caped crusader. A dark knight that enjoys not only fighting criminals or corrupt police agents, but delivering pain to them.

This batman ransoms Robin after watching his parents die, leaves him at the bat-cave to eat rats to survive, punishes him...

This batman is hated by the Justice League, disrespects Superman and Green Latern, kills the criminals or leaves them heavily wounded and suffering...

It is left at almost the same level than The Punisher, not killing innocents but using extreme ways to fight crime, up to the point of being considered a criminal by many.

It is the first "almost evil" batman... and I like it :)

The comic itself is mostly the story of how robin appears, and probably the setting for the upcoming second volume where batman will probably fight Joker, Catwoman and other typical villains.

Really recommended reading!

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