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I had Titanicus in my wish list since a while, having had Space Marine/Epic 40,000 and owning some Space Marine, Chaos and Eldar titans I wanted to read a book about their battles.

After finishing it, my feelings are quite mixed.

The book uses the typical trick of telling multiple stories and points of view of the same event (a series of battles in a forge world between imperial and chaos titans), and while some are quite interesting and indeed provide different angles of what is a fight using titans, others seem out of place, redundant and could have been removed without any problem.

I got lost sometimes with so many names and scenarios, and some characters/stories don't add much (if something, chaos to the reader). Also, while some fights are really well depicted, detailed and thrilling, there is one special big battle that is so quickly finished and so briefly described that dissapoints a lot.

Not a bad book, but I definetly expected more. It falls halfway of what could have been.

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