Book Review: Ultramarines: The Killing Ground

The Killing Ground

The Killing Ground represents the fourth book in the Ultramarines series of Black Library Warhammer 40.000 books.

Continues the adventures of Uriel and Pasanius, this time in an imperial planet in which there is a killing ground... where the dead are not at peace precisely.

This book has Imperial Guard, ghosts, the unfleshed from the third book, and another sweet surprise I don't want to spoil, but that sadly is badly represented here, being killed almost entirely as mere puppets instead of the "special" thing they are.

The story is predictable in general, nothing incredible, but at least you enjoy reading. I just wish it had more action and less ghostly stories.

Not bad but neither impressive, a mere nexus between the original Omnibus and the following books.

Posted on 2011-06-13

Categories: Books Warhammer 40000

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