Book Review: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger (book 1)

The Dark Tower: Book 1 cover

I've wanted to read The Dark Tower books since I was young and first heard about the adventures of The Gunslinger and the mysterious world, mixture of western and fantasy, guns and spells. I've had the books in english since at least a decade but never decided to start with them... until a few weeks ago.

I've now finished reading the first book (of the eight that compose the series), and while I'm not going to do individual reviews but instead write again when I finish all of them, I can summarize as "I'll keep reading". While I expected more action, I understand that the first book is more of a presentation, an initial act to set the scenario for the things to come. There is action and tension, but there is lot of background (especially of the main character Roland).

I had read before both a small graphic novel and a short story that I think was a fragment of one of the books, and got hooked by the mixture of classic western with weird magical stuff happening everywhere, as it breaks your preconceptions and expectations. It also denotes the sometimes turbulent but always brilliant mind of Stephen King.

As a quick summary for lazy people not wanting to click the link at the beginning of the blog post, Roland is the last of a line of gunslingers, who seems to be obsessed with finding a man in black and has been following him for a long time already. They live in a world where there are hints of past technology, but that seems stuck in between the old west and feudalism, but a world where magic is very often present. At the center of this world resides The Dark Tower, a mysterious building that our gunslinger seems to desire to enter.

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