Book Review: Lords of Caliban

Lords of Caliban book cover

Lords of Caliban is a six short stories anthology based on the Dark Angels space marines chapter. Some of the stories feature the chapter master Azrael and some company masters, like Belial and Sammael, plus other known relevant figures.

The stories are:

  • Honour of the Third
  • A Hunt in the Dark
  • Battle-Brothers
  • Accept No Failure
  • Holder of the Keys
  • All Must End

One of them narrates a fragment from Master of Sanctity from another point of view which, although interesting, feels a bit like cheating. As you might also notice, one of the list items links to an existing review that you can check for more details, but overall make for an interesting time, and thankfully some stories vary a bit from the classic "Fallen hunt", which is nice for a change.

Being a Dark Angels fan I enjoyed it.

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