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Second book in the new trilogy of the Legacy of Caliban, Master of Sanctity continues the story of the Dark Angels secret Hunt of the Fallen started with Ravenwing.

Chapter Masters Sammael, Belial and Saphoon appear again, but the main characters from the first book are now elevated one to the Deathwing and the other to the Ravenwing Black Knights.

Without spoiling the book itself, this time the story focuses and further details about captured Fallen, the famous Chaplain-interrogator Asmodai and his extreme devotion, and making thought decisions due to keeping the chapter's secrets.

I enjoyed the lore and plot, but readers should be warned of two small points:

1) This time the story doesn't closes, at a certain point "some things happen" and you're left with how they unfold for the last book. It is a good cliffhanger that leaves you eager for the end, but I wanted more :P

2) This book focuses a lot more on character dialogs, scenarios, event descriptions and the like, leaving battles almost for a secondary role. There is action, and its bloody and detailed, but I welcome the abundance of dialogs and character thoughts.

Being biased, I can't but recommend the book for Dark Angels collectors.
Now to wait for the final entry.

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