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Ralph is a retired man who just lost his wife months ago. His life is monotonous and just passes by, until he starts to suffer insomnia, slowly sleeping less and less. But not only that, at his town, Derry, strange things begin to happen: Friends going mad, pro and anti abortists fighting... But Ralph also starts "seeing things", weird things. What is all about?

It is hard to talk about the novel Insomnia without spoiling parts of the plot. It is also curious because the book is almost 900 pages in the softback spanish edition I've read, but it becomes logical when I realized this is an example of how detailed is Stephen King when describing environments, characters, and almost every tiny detail. I did big reading chunks of 50 or 100 pages and sometimes the story would just advance a bit forward, but other times there were interesting developments.

It is not a book about terror, although has some tension. There are no monsters per se, but not everything is normal, and after the first hundred pages or so I was hooked on the plot, on wanting to read more and more to understand what is happening and why. It is from 1994 so you can find it quite cheap anywhere too, so there's really no excuse to not recommending it.

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