Been a bit off lately

Just a quick post explaining the lack of stuff here...

First of all, I've left (again) World of Warcraft. I still feel I don't have enough time to play it properly and, while the new expansion looks fantastic, playing it will be posponed to the future. I prefer playing non MMORPGs right now (and I have a lot of games to finish).

About Warhammer 40.000 miniatures, I haven't yet started to paint the armies, but I'm working on a scenery modelling that, if doesn't results too bad, I'll post some pictures (an ork mek facility, where the Stompa might have been built).
It's been a long time since I attempted some modelling, but being orks it is easier (and I have quite a few spare parts, plates and banners to place on it).

And finally, also regarding W40k but this time on the PC, my copy of Dawn of War II finally arrived, and I must say I'm impressed it is in fact two games in one!

  • The multiplayer battles are more like the tabletop game. Almost no base management, so you focus on battles with small squads. The number of units per squad is smaller than the real one (4 on space marine tactical squads, 3 on devastator ones, etcetera), but after a few CPU skirmishes I enjoy it a lot. Also the new army painter tool is fantastic (although we still don't get all units preview...)
  • The singleplayer campaign is in fact an RPG-RTS! You progress through the story obtaining squads (one of each), leveling units and your commander, and getting items (armours, weapons, accesories) much like in WoW. I feel like playing a space version of Warcraft III. Highly recommended!

I expect to make some posts soon but I first have to finish the single player campaign (not too difficult on Sargeant level but requires a lot of time and you can't save mid-game).

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