Space Marine names list + Status update

I've had some busy weeks lately so there has been not much visible progress to show here. I haven't been able to paint because I reordered a bit the workspace and had to focus on assembling pending models* to make space, plus RealWorld (tm) tasks prevented me from hobbying too much.

I do have two books almost read so book reviews will come back soon, but meanwhile what I actually did was moving to this blog the list of space marine names I have for my Dark Angels. Currently has +130 names and I plan to keep adding new ones as I read books or find more appropiate names. As I mention in the page it has only the names I personally like and they are suited for Dark Angels, so is really subjective and narrowed.

I also wanted to buy some Forge World MKII and MKIII squads (I love those two old armour versions, especially the helmets), but the pound sadly is too high compared with the euro so it becomes way too expensive. I guess they will have to wait until those rumors of FW miniatures on physical GW stores become reality.

Let's hope I can at least finish painting soon my Imperial Knight :)

* I found a great deal at Ebay, getting a cheap full Skaven army from Warhammer Fantasy 8th ed (I wanted some skaven as I'd like to recover the old Advanced HeroQuest I have and play it), so I had lots of models to assemble. Plus some ork conversions that I will showcase once painted.

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