Mordheim: City of the Dammed

Mordheim is one of those Games Workshop products (like Gorkamorka or Man o' War) that I never had the chance to try in my youth. I've read articles about it at the White Dwarf, seen pictures but never actually played a single game.

When I saw that a computer version of it was being made, I definetry wanted to give it a try. And few days ago I was able to play the four tutorials of the early alpha build of Mordheim: City of the Dammed.

As I said, I don't know how loyal is to the original, although looks quite right, but I love turn-based tactical strategy games, and the game can't look better for these kind of public. The controls are smooth (I actually prefer playing with the gamepad as it is being designed with it as an option from the beggining), the menus and actions work fine, and the game already looks quite good.

The Alpha/Early access build right now only has two warbands (human mercenaries and skaven) but the tutorials allow you to test the other two future warbands, Sisters of Sigmar and Possesed (chaos), showing also some variety on the scenery, from a big cathedral to cities.

The full game will feature campaign modes, experience and inventory, special characters, both fixed and procedural maps and of course multiplayer (already available but I haven't tried it yet). After playing the tutorials I can say I really liked it and only found a bug (one human ogre got stuck in a small door), for the rest is quite playable although limited because there's still only predefined missions (tutorials) and skirmishes (no customization).

Here are a sample of how it looks and a gameplay video (quite good to get a feel of how the mechanics work):




Mordheim is in Early Access at Steam right now if you're interested. While not the cheapest game is at 20% discount now.

I'm trusting this one to become everything that has been promised (also Steam is becoming stricter regarding commitments), so I already "backed" it and will play as much as possible.

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