Harlequin Shadowseer & Death Jester minis comparison V2

Few days ago I did a comparison of the new and old Shadowseer and Death Jester minis using the blurry available images. Now, thanks to Spikey Bits forums we have way better resolution captures, so I've re-done the side-by-side comparison images:

Shadowseer comparison

Death Jester comparison

The Shadowseer shows no additional changes: new weapon and pose regarding the old model but looks exactly the same miniaturre just reposed. Of the Death Jester we can now see two subtle differences: The mask is different and the coat is swinging/moving so we can now see the right leg behind it. But apart from those it is also very very similar, just different painting colors to make it look less alike. A pity the new happy/angry mask as I like the old one...

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