Harlequin Shadowseer and Death Jester minis comparison

I don't usually do miniature reviews or comparisons except some "extreme cases", but the incoming new Eldar Harlequin Shadowseer and Death Jester miniatures was appealing.

I have an small Eldar army, mostly composed of minis I bought to a friend (all unpainted yet, sadly), and they include a few old metal harlequin troupes. I also have the resin shadowseer, but precisely of failcast (the shadowseer had small imperfections due to the bubbles) I didn't wanted to buy the death jester until a plastic one was out. Well, they're almost here, very very likely in plastic... but also almost identical to the existing resin figures!

Shadowseer Harlequin miniature comparison

Death Jester Harlequin miniature comparison

The similarities are so big they almost look like the same mini re-posed. The shadowseer has a different weapon, ropes are swinging as if there was wind coming from the east, but that's all, apart from the paint work. But the death jester... maybe is the paint job again, but looks exactly the same and just crouched on the ruins fragment.

I wish I had better pitcures to confirm (or show my mistake) but seems creativity is not too high lately at GW...

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