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Although a bit too short for my taste, I have started reading some of this Black Library "ebooks" (aka "short stories", because ebook is the format, not the size), and one of the firsts I picked up was The word of the Silent King. As for the why of this specific title... probably because, even fearing what I would encounter, I wanted to read something about the Necrons*.

The short story... well you can imagine, Necrons fighting Blood Angels and incoming Tyranids, so the Necrons decide to lure the Space Marines to fight the Tyranids for them. Remember other books where just the mere mention of Eldar being right about something or negotiating with the Tau being considered heresy? Here one of the main chapters decides that is ok to pack with one of their worst enemies... to save some lives. Lives that other times they don't care to wipe out with an Exterminatus. The writing is not bad but the story is so weak, nonsense and stupid that I will avoid reading similar themed lore in the future to not get angry. I really dislike how sometimes we're destroying the Warhammer 40,000 setting in the name of money.

* I loved the old lore where they were more like ruthless unknown metal aliens with some dark past and the C'Tan, not now the more streamlined "angry race that just wants to wipe out everything" and that actually talks and even makes pacts with enemies.

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