Book Review: Old Soldiers Never Die

Old Soldiers Never Die novella cover

Old Soldiers Never Die is a novella about Ciaphas Cain, an imperial Commissar who wants to avoid trouble but seems to always find it (and often, solves it). A hero for some, a manipulator for others, but seems that quite an adventures-filled life is his.

In this specific tale, we can read some points of view (both from Cain's memories and from other allies present at the time) about a travel to a planet that just had an insurrection... and seems to have now a strange plague that turns the dead into zombies. Where does it came from, and how to stop it?

I hadn't read before anything about this character and it is entertaining, you never know if his point of view is really humble or crafted, if he really wants to avoid problems or just paints the events as fortuitous, but makes for a good although a bit short read. I'll at least try to read more novels as seems that he has a bunch of stories.

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