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One book I had pending the review was Ender's Game. I had been postponing its read and how I regret it now...

In the future, nasty aliens have attacked the Earth, and while they were defeated, they will probably attack a third time, so humans are trying a new combat tactic: Training children to become soldiers, pilots and commanders and defeat the alien menace. Elder Wiggum is one of the chosen boys, sent to the training military school, where he will learn all sort of tactics, combat techniques, and also make friends and enemies alike, partially because he's even younger than the rest of the children.

The book not only tells how a futuristic military drill instruction would be, but also beautifully adds portable computers, an internet, virtual reality and combat simulations that any videogames lover (like I am) can easily imagine. It is also a hard and sometimes cruel book: Kids have to learn quickly and without remorse in a very competitive scenario, so sometimes the enemy looks also to be within and not only at the space.

A great reading that sadly was not repeated with the other books of the saga, it is a must for science-fiction lovers.

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