WoW Journal Entry #20070428

This last days have been quite busy ones... I've vastly improved my skills and changed my equipment, mostly thanks to tobal. But, as there are many histories, today I will tell all before tobal helped me.

I was having some fun in Gnomegeran killing troggs, when my equipment got a bit wrecked. I decided to go somewhere else and explore new lands, forge new friendships and learn about new cities and cultures.

So I went to Booty Bay, and said goodbye to the pirate goblins while waiting for the boat to arrive.

While travelling to the western kingdoms, inside the boat were two horde trolls, which delighted me with a local tribal dance, druid morphing into monster included.

As I arrived, I went for my local contact at Theramore, the owner of the lighthouse. He recommended me to speak with the local guards, to increase my reputation with them.

There was a nearby outpost so I went into the swamps to reach it.

While crossing the swamps, I found a lonely house, with a man who asked for my help. He needed food, turtle shells and other stuff I could gather hunting local fauna.

So I began hunting red raptors.

And lots of big turtles. Around them were murloks, so the hunting was intense and took some time.

I found some secret plans to spy Theramore in a dead explorer's body, and gave them to the outpost captain.

With the duty done, I explored the surroundings, finding an adbandoned mine, full of poisoning spiders.

But with appreciated Iron vets... So I went deeper...

and deeper inside the mine. I found a spider queen at the bottom, and killed it before more spiders could grow and infest the swamps.

Greeding for more minerals, I asked the local guards where could I find more vets. They told me that crossing The Barrens were a canyon zone called Thousand Needles, known for having varied and abundant vets.

After arriving to Thousand Needles, and using an ancient elevator which took me inside the canyon, I spent days mining all kind of minerals, until my backpacks were almost full and I couldn't carry anymore.

I also had to fight not only Horde enemies, but wyverns, panters and earth elementals along the way.

Curiously, I found that one of the bifurcations of the canyon converged with a forest, and had a small Night Elf explorer outpost, in which I had finally some rest.

Once rested, I deeped into the forest, looking for a small island after it that the elves told me about.

The mountains were still there, with huge falls, and very dense vegetation. The Sun was almost fully covered above the tall trees.

I finally reached the coast, and found the island, so I swimmed to it.

The Night Elfs had built a small town, well guarded and just bothered about forest wolfs...

And some Naga monsters that had invaded some old ruins. I promised to help the town and went to kill as much of them as I could.

I did kill a lot of them, but they were so many I had to retreat. I was in need of further combat and skill training.

So I arranged a meeting with my friend tobal, and decided to cross Thousand Needles again, this time southwest to Tanaris.

One funny/curious thing I found in my journey was the goblin races* But as usual with goblin technology, the place was all full of junk, broken pieces and damaged "racer vehicles".

* Actually it's an easter egg to Star Wars: Episode I pod racing :)

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