WoW Journal Entry #06082006

I have started a journey far far away, to the western continent, into the Stonetalon Mountains.

The reason? To find some items I've been asked for in exchange of a new armor.

I started the journey at Ironforge.

Crossing the dwarven mountains.

All the way to the coast, and took a boat to reach Southshore.

Soon I started to find orcish signs and marks.

I crossed huge plains at the Barrens.

I even had to cross an orcish guard post. My combat skills are better now so I managed to kill just a pair of the guards and went unnoticed by the rest of them.

I went deeper into the mountains.

I fought some unseen foes, but they were no match for my skills.

Finally I found three chimaeras, which was one of the item carrieras I was looking for.

As I need more items, I had to search for a place to rest in.

Finally I found a small cave, where I'm staying until more chimaeras come to the region, to hunt them.

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