WoW Boardgame first session

This weeekend we had a different roleplaying session, we played for the first time (except for my friend Luiso) the World of Warcraft Boardgame.

We had a great time but the first play can get thought because of the complex rules (until you get the mechanics, then is quite fast to play).

The game needs a BIG table, not counting the Burning Crusade Expansion!

It uses a lot of dice too

Monsters are classic WoW ones, and the detail level is great.

Game quests get harder as you progress

Gaming time will shorten in future plays, but for the first time we spent a full morning (4 hours) and we stopped half-way the game's 30 turns length.

I am really amazed how similar is the game to the computer MMORPG, you really feel as playing a boardgame equivalent and not "another boardgame".

If you want, the rules are in PDF format freely available for download:

Next weekend we'll continue with the WoW RPG roleplaying sessions!

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