World of Darkness MMO Cancelled + details leaked [UPDATED]

The WoD MMORPG was recently cancelled, and few weeks later details of the playtesting are leaking out.

There are two sets of screenshots: I & II.

And also has been leaked a testers manual dating march 2014.

From the article and peeking at the PDF, it looked like a way too typical and basic MMO, with small tweaks like ghouls for NPC control, but in general everything as usual: Guilds (broods), skill trees, XP, missions, contested zones...

While this doesn't has to be exactly bad, when you come from a so rich RPG as Vampire you need to provide more than just what somebody else does in a nice setting. This shouldn't be a typical hack'n slash "vampire version", but something deeper and more complex. In fact I don't know how a "proper CRPG" Vampire videogame should be, maybe is just not the proper platform.

Anyway, at least CCP noted they weren't going the good way and stopped before a complete retail disaster.



Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

UPDATE: Quite detailed insider details of how CCP's terrible management killed the game.

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