Warhammer 40k: Work in progress

I'm yet starting to assemble all the miniatures. I started with the game counters and damage areas before getting with the actual miniatures.

After finishing with it, I've assembled the Terminator squad, modding a bit all five members with pieces from the Dark Angels component matrix, to give it a proper Deathwing look. I've

Two of them have assault cannons too (I've got lots of standard bolter-armed Terminators).

Also, already having Azrael as the commanding unit (although not yet fully painted :P), the space marine captain will be used for low point battles, to make things more even.

I added to him a hanging dark angel symbol to his sword, and changed the banner's symbol to a dark angel.

I'm half-way through reading the rules too. Since the 2nd edition and from what I can remember (it's been a loong time), the game's available actions, options and diversity has expanded, but at the same time, some rules have been either simplified or "streamlined" (adapted to other rules to be more alike). I have to buy batteries for my laser pointer because I'm not playing with "real line of sight" unless using a laser pointer (to avoid disagreement between players).

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