Warhammer 40K: Almost ready + Tutorial 5th Ed. Game

All the plastic miniatures are almost ready (just the space marine tactical squad remains to be assembled).

The dreadnought has been customized with two Dark Angel banners and a book at the front hull.

And a Dark angel symbol on the power globe arm.

I've assembled the 10-man Dark Angels veteran squad.

Once painted, they are going to look really great, the pieces are fantastic.

I've got dozens of miniatures to paint apart from the space marines... 40 2nd edition plastic gretchins, 15 2nd edition plastic orcs, 20 5th edition orcs + 6 ork nobz + the commander + 3 kopters, and around 20 genestealers + 8 hybrids!!!

Apart from the assembly work, last weekend I played my first 5th edition game with my friend Lobo666!

We played a very small, tutorial like battle, with a 10-man space marine squad (tactical, all ten units with bolters to simplify the rules) versus two 10-orc boyz squads.

Lobo666 hasn't played Warhammer 40.000 since even more time than me, so we both learned the basic movement-shoot-assault rules. The game is fluid once you get the basics, but I see two tiny problems:

  1. Quick-charts with impact tables, turn flow diagrams and such are vital, at least at the beginning. I'm working on that ;)
  2. The game requires a lot of dice. When Lobo666 orcs reached my tactical squad and performed a close-combat assault, I didn't have enough dice for the 24 attacks!

Sadly, I had very bad luck with my rolls and my marines ended killed by the orcs :(

I'm doing a lot of research related to the 5th edition, I've started creating a new list on the right sidebar with links (well, right now only two xD) to WH 40k sites I've thought of high interest.

I hope that the next post will be something like "I've finished assembling the troops!" ;)

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