Walking out of the forest

The rain slowly stops, while I reach the limit of the forest and walk out to the open.

The Sun tries to light through the clouds, but only part of it achieves it and give some rays of white light.

It's been a long journey and the end isn't near yet. I've decided to travel only with my staff and a backpack with food, drink, my magic book and my diary.

I love the sound of the rain, hitting everything with strength. I love the small impacts of the water drops. I love the smell of wet wood and wet sand.

I hope it will rain again during my journey. I can think better under the rain. Think about where I'm going... about what I'll do when I arrive... there's too much to think of...

In my childhood I used to take a picture and imagine whole stories around it. A single, static picture could make my mind fly to another world. I like that.
Now I've got hundreds of AD&D pictures, Tolkien's and many miscellaneous ones, so from time to time I'll pickup one and write about it.
Maybe just a pharagraph, maybe a small story, maybe a few words... Who knows, I'll let my imagination flow free.

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