UO Journal Entry #09242006

Remember, remember, the 24th of September

Today something quite unusual has happened.

At the temple of Britain, some barrels and explosive potions appeared around the Justice holy symbol. Shortly after that, some people dressed in black appeared too.

I was one of them.

Before the "event" started, we had a visith from Isyl, and she was gently urged to stay away from the temple for her safety.

One of the cloaked guys spoke to the symbol of justice, and told her about K.

Telling her (Justice) about how she was corrupt, a cheater, about how he had betrayed all our ideals about the true justice.

After the dialoge, some bells rang loud. Ding, ding, ding...
And there was an explosion.

Some people came because the explosion to the temple, to see what was the reason.

But it was too late.
The symbol of Justice has been destroyed.

Around the streets of Britain chorus could be heard saying "New Britain!!! New Britain!!!"

And this has only been the beginning of the end.

Oh, if you wonder who is K, K is me.

Thanks to my companions in the dark, to those who lurk in the shadows, working to create a new, reborn city without the corrupted plague that fills it now.

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