UO Journal Entry #09022006

Today i'ts been a special one on my life. I've reached the age of ancient human (level 6 human), the 2nd oldest rank (no one has achieved the first one yet).

I went to the Temple of the Ages to check if I was able to reach the title, and while going I found another unknown face training at the training tower.

I told Heinrich that if he wanted to improve his strength he should try hitting the dummies with a mace (which allows to get to 100 str) or forget his punching skills (hand-to-hand combat) and try hitting birds or some other small animal (with no knowledge in hand-to-hand you get stronger but don't kill the animal).

Afterwards, I went back to Adoys' tower.

It's curious that I'm older, but at the same time I feel stronger and more powerful...

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