UO Journal Entry #08282006

Today I had a wedding.

I was reading some ancient books about magic and alchemy, when Radagast came into the library and said "hey! today our young friend Dreus will marry Isyl!"

So... I took my old Nazgul robe, one of my own made blackrock armors (sturdy, black armors, not as good as agapite ones but I love black color), one of my black sticks, and went to the forest for my "special" wedding gift, a wood log.

I always give a wood log in weddings. It's like a symbol of what I represent, someone who works in the forests, who crafts the wood, and maybe as old as the logs I give as presents...

We waited until all people came...

Rostungard directed the ceremony.

And after it finished, I gave my congratulations to the married ones, and went away to Adoys' tower.

I'm old for these parties...

At last I got my internet connection back! So expect updates frequently, as it was before "the incident".

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