UO Journal Entry #04232006

I can't remember when was the last time I went hunting with my pal Radagast... But was some time ago.

Few hours ago we went to Archangels, and I discovered they've moved to another place. Strange thing...

Here I am, suited in a combat armor after so much without fighting.

As in the old times, Radagast used his powers to invocate powerful dragons to aid us.

At the archangel library, after cleaning it.

I killed some foes, even being untrained for so long.

The archangels now have a bigger city, with places like a alchemist lab.

Or a barracks.

Going back to home, we had to cross some mountains and we were attacked by trolls and ettins, but we rushed and fleed from them, because we were carrying lots of lava lingots (for me to forge some demon swords very soon).

First time in nearly a year I go to a dungeon at Ultima Online! (I mean being a player)

It's been fun. With all this Guild Wars, Ultima Online, Ragnarok Online and other games I've played or still play, I forgot what was the UO "fear effect" (as you can lose all equipment, you tend to get nervous every second you're in a dungeon).

I'll go more often, united with Radagast we're almost invincible.

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