UO Journal Entry #03302006

Back to work!

Thanks to my friend Morthec (who sold me a few thousand iron lingots so I can forge weapons and become almost a master backsmith), now I'm again working from time to time in front of a forge.

While I'm afraid I'll still have to mine some more to become a real master, this definitely will help a lot.

Also, yesterday I was going to pay Morthec part of the deal (He even agreed to receive the money as I earn it) at Midian, and found a young friend, Yhel.

Yhel is the son of Ilfold, one of the greatest wizards that lived in Sosaria.

Ilfold was a great friend of mine, but when I died and became a god something strange happened, and he (but not only him) became mad and evil and started to kill people.

He just dissapeared after that incident... And then his son, Yhel appeared, now being almost adult and ready to face the perils of this magic world.

We three had some fun talking of our lives and making jokes of my bold head and Morthec's vagabond-like beard.

After that, we went back to our respective tasks (mine being forging more and more).

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