UO Journal Entry #03192006

How fast runs the time...

Today I went to buy some food to Britannia, and I found something I hadn't seen in years. It's bank was empty. Normally it was the center of activity in the city; merchants selling products, tamers showing their beautyful mounts...

And today, not a single person.

Later, I went back to Trinsic, the elvish city in which I'm now sleeping. There I found an old friend.

Morthec the barbarian, mayor of Midian, and a great adventurer.

We talked about how our lives were going, and he asked me a favor: to smelt some minerals he had, to be able to use them. Of course I agreed.

He has his minerals at Alatar's house, a beautiful two-floor building. He had a forge and (being strong as all warriors are) he dropped it in the middle of the room, and I started to smelt minerals as he was getting them out of a chest.

After finishing, and before I returned to Trinsic, I looked at the house's stable/shed. A fantastic way to use free space from the house's "L-like" design.

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