UO Journal Entry #03022006

My study of both physical and magical arts keeps growing. I'm getting very old, but at the same time I feel more powerful.

I'll continue with my secret technique to improve my habilities with the sword even beyond the normal limits.

As I said in my first pos, the shard I play UO on is highly customized.
One of the cool features is the hability to improve skills beyond 100.% (real value of course). This can be acomplished by gaining an overlimit point, which is a 0.1 upgrade you can spend on any skill you want.

The way to gain those overlimit points is secret, but I've got a technique to obtain one more or less each 50 xps (100 play hours). Appears to be too much, but I usually leave on the game while I study, watch films, read books or any other thing.

Wise is the patient...

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