Two old treasure gifts

I am having terrible non-stop work shifts at the dungeon, so I haven't been able to do much things apart from sleeping and bits of reading. My only achievement lately was finishing the awesome PC game Legend of Grimrock, a true and worthy tribute to Dungeon Master 2, with really nice puzzles across its 13 levels.

Some weeks ago, one friend departed to live at USA, and he gave me one gift.

Few days ago, another friend moved to a new house, and while packaging found something and gifted it also to me.

This are the two great treasures I was gifted with:

The gifts

A full Blood Bowl Skaven team, and a Necromunda Escher gang!!!

I have never played Necromunda, but counting that I have quite some scenography (both imperial ruins and barricades, trenches, bunkers...) and units to serve as count-as gangs... I should give it a try.

And Blood Bowl... was one of those games I always liked to play when I was young, but my friends were more into Warhammer or pen & paper RPGs, so I never could.
And I also have a special like for skavens as they were the mobs for Advanced Heroquest.

As the boardgame is available online (with the plastic human and orc teams), I have decided to get it and be able to finally play it.

If the child in me had thought that once grown up would have the option to have so many games he dreamed of...
And at the same time, so small amount of available time to play them.

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