Things we have learned from playing RPGs

  • Treasure chests can only hold one or two items at most. People can hold a near infinite amount of items.
  • If someone in town tells you that they heard a rumor, it's true.
  • Dungeon monsters and traps will only attack or effect the hero and the people traveling with him/her. If you're just an unimportant person, you can go ahead and run through the dungeon, temple, forest, desert, cave, or other place teeming with evil unharmed.
  • You should always walk behind waterfalls, because there's always something hidden back there.
  • Animals, in general, will attack you relentlessly as you travel from one place to another.
  • Most people stay in the same exact spot all day long.
  • Everybody in every part of the world speaks the same language.
  • Sleep is the only absolute necessity of life. You can travel all over the world and fight as much as you want, and there is never a need to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.
  • Most houses in the world only have one room.
  • After dealing your arch enemy an apparently fatal blow, don't think you can rest easy. He'll probably transform and become stronger.
  • You may see beds everywhere, you may be able to get into them, but you won't be able to sleep unless you pay money.
  • The world is flat.
  • You can carry 99 tents, 99 potions, and 99 Phoenix Downs, but you cannot carry 100 potions.
  • Items in treasure chests, even in someone else's house, are yours for the taking.
  • Your job is to defend a world that has less than 100 people and a limitless amount of monsters.
  • Store owners have the right to keep getting rich from the hero, even though the fate of their world rests on the hero's shoulders.
  • All methods of transportation, be they subway, airplane, boat or bus, are usually free.
  • When you get injured by a sword, or other weapon, blood will not pour out, only numbers.


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