The Witcher Journal Entry #2008010x

I'm still in the swamps, too much work left to do...

I found some strange ┬┐clay? ogres. I don't like being near them, seems as if they were going to move at any moment.

I had to search for a boy, and went to see some druids. The locals seem to be very superstitious and dislike any outsiders.

At night the swamps are a very dangerous place. I've had to fight packs of drowners, sometimes even 6 at once!

After helping the locals, I gained their approval.

then I found they follow a strange religion... worshipping some gods of whom they don't want to talk about.

I found an elf too at the druid encampment. He seems to hate human kind, but anyway I promised to deliver a letter from him in the city.

Once again, searching caves I found another magical sigil. I've got 4 of the possible 5 ones. Last one was a defensive sigil, using it I can drink potions without being harmed.

Also, I'm keeping a drawing of each girl I "conquest". this are the ones I've actually have:

The sorcerer

The witch

The prostitute

The driad

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