The Witcher Journal Entry #20071224

I am Geralt of Rivia. I'm a witcher, and this are my journeys hunting monsters in this cursed lands.

A witcher is trained since child in alchemy, but also in being able to drink potions that could kill instantly a normal humanoid. We also carry two swords, an iron one for killing human beings, and a silver one for monsters.

I've spent some time training and learning how to play dice at the city of Vizima, which is quarantined now because of a plague.

The locals are no longer a match for my skills, so I'm looking now for professional players, not only to become better but to earn some extra gold.

By sneaking on thug's houses and gaining the locals favor, I'm investigating info about some subjects.

The city is safe at day, but at night assassins and thieves try to kill anyone walking the streets. Some small demons have been seen in the outskirts too.

After helping a knight defeat a cockatrice, I've gained his respect and I'm now able to exit the city via the harbor.

I've been asked to gather some herbs in the swaps, in order to help fighting the plague. Also, seems to be full of enemies, so I'll have some fun while doing my tasks.

Thanks to a small tool (FRAPS) I can now take screenshots of every game (and curiously, even in BMP uncompressed format they are saved in few milliseconds, unlike WoW's screenshot feature), so I've decided to add The Witcher to the "gaming journals".

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