THE ELDER DIARY: #20140517

I'm slowly progressing with the Imperial Knight. Everything except the arms has the basecoat, head is fully painted, parts of the hull metallized and I'm working on the shoulders and upper caparace.

Apart from the lack of free time, my main problem is that (at least my paint tin) painting gold is really tiresome. It needs around 4 or 5 layers to be fully opaque. Still, I'm happy with how is looking and I prefer to go slow but leave it as I please.

Imperial Knight painting

I finally put to play today most of my X-Wing boardgame ships collection. We did a 3 vs 2, 100 points battle and I loved the rules, especially how you must guess enemy movements and plan accordingly your paths. I like the painted miniatures a lot, but using them also has felt so good.

X-Wing boardgame

I also got as a gift from my friend Vicente the awesome Battletech Introductory Box Set :_) Combined with the minis from the 90s version that I have, quite a good mech force to play games!

Battletech Introductory Box Set

I've been also reading a few comics so more reviews will come soon.

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