The Data Monks

There is an old, hidden cathedral. In that cathedral, there are no living beings as we know it.

If you could enter inside it, you would see ghost-like figures walking among it's walls and columns. But they are not normal people.

They are the data monks. Neither human, neither machine. They wear grey monk robes and hoods. They move silently, but yet you can hear whispers, but not human whispers...

The work day and night, gathering data from the world, classifying it, collecting it, coding it. Building all the world information like a mirror.

They have no senses, no fears, no thoughts. They just build their exact copy of the world.

But they dream. When they sleep, they dream with being able to live that world they keep building and building. They dream with being normal people, with having all those feelings and sensations they try to mimic in the digital copy.

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Categories: Elder's Thoughts

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