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The truth is that I have few things in my wishlist of miniatures.

I started very young with Warhammer 40.000 so for example I am proud of owning a Rogue Trader Space Marines box (almost two squads), MK.I Rhinos (two), a Predator and a Landraider.

I've been collecting for years some wanted miniatures, and for example my Eldar army comes almost fully from second-hand miniatures (like 90% of the army). Everything except a Falcon, the dreadnought and some plastic troops are old metal units.

I might try to get some old Genestealer hybirds somewhere in the future (for my genestealer cult) but it is really low priority.

But... when I was young I always wished I could have tho specific miniatures (I didn't ever saw them in local stores), the two Inquisitor Terminators. One with a breathing mask and a hood, the other with beard and a cybernetic leg. Specifically, this two dudes:

Citadel Catalog miniatures

My friend Vicente told me a while ago that one of the shopping websites we use (Noble Knight) had all kinds of second-hand goods, not only books and boardgames. So a few weeks ago I tried finally to actively search for this inquisitors, remembered that comment... and found one assembled and base-coated in black for just 15$ (At ebay I've seen things like 50$ minimum for a sealed box one, without detailing the pieces inside apart from a crappy photo).

I risked and bought it... And I made the right choice, because it arrived in really good shape and I've just started painting it:


So far only has a finished black base coating, dark grey for the armor and light grey tending to white for the hood and skulls.
No highlighting and most stuff not even started, but the color scheme is in place and I'm glad with how it looks.

Also as you can notice it has some excess lead not removed in some areas, the original owner didn't cared much when assembling it... But I have already taken them out (were not so easy to spot with the black mini).

One of the two Inquisitors obtained, one left :)

Update: Thanks to ebay I was able to find the other inquisitor, yay! My greatest collector's dream came true :D

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