Stompa and stompa Facility Painting WIP

Lately I've been playing less videogames and assembling & painting more. I am becoming slowly tired of current games being all the same, meanwhile I read a lot about Warhammer 40.000 and I feel eager to do anything related to it.

Apart from a half-painted Dark Angels Dreadnought and a MK VI Space Marine I found and started painting (to test highlights in Dark Angels green), I am mainly painting one badass I had pending and that is actually taking a lot of space due to the unglued parts: The ork Stompa.

The head is fully done (but not yet glued) as it is the body and legs, excepting some minor details on the front (like the spotlights or the gretchin in the upper right tower)...

... and some details also in the back (mainly the two gretchins arguing at the door.

I've finally glued some pieces like the ramp with the mek gretchin.

The head was already painted, but the body took a while (I didn't had spray, which I will correct for the next time). As soon as I finish with it, I can paint the arms and this monster will be ready to break havok among the greenskin enemies.

I've played with some types of effects, like rusty metal, white + silver metals, and black washes to give dirty and used looks to the back pipes.

But I have another thing related with the Stompa.

Back when I bought it, I also bought an oven, and the cardboard had a shape that inmediately gave me an idea: To build an Stompa assembly facility.

I took some spare parts from my ork trukks, two spare gretchins and some wooden chopsticks. and built this scenery piece:

It is basically a big round platform (in which fits a real Stompa!) with mechanical arms, some decoration and walls, and a watchtower.

The ork trukk spare parts were really handy, both for the machinery and for filling the wall gaps.

This is the section that took most time: The watchtower, made of dozens of chopstick pieces cut and glued together. Plus some cardboard, a few ork grenades and used ammo at the floor, and that big sign is just waiting to have painted a big red "Waaagh!".

Some glyphs and the stairs to walk up to the tower.

I didn't wanted to abuse with the ork decoration, the walls already have an orcish look and feel.

The piece in the middle is from ikea, it was a bit curved so wasn't useful anymore for the hama beads, so it was perfect for filling the middle "crater".

Today I have finally base coated it in grey (spray gift of my friend Vicente ^_^)

It now looks much better (as you don't see the original material colors) and I can better think of the color schemes

My idea is to start with it as soon as I finish with the stompa, not giving much detail to the scenery but focusing on the details like the gretchin.

I progress quite slowly but as the main idea is to disconnect from the world and "reach my Zen" while assembling & painting, it is ok for me.

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