Space Hulk Limited Edition

Space Hulk

They had it so perfectly planned that I first new about this via an official email than in any website (even being held the Games Day). Games Workshop has officially announced the new Space Hulk limited edition.

Box contents

There were rumors (even talking about a fully plastic version), and seems that part of them were true. The game will feature the following plastic units:

  • 11 Space Marine Terminators,
  • 1 Space Marine Terminator Librarian
  • 22 Genestealers
  • 1 Broodlord
  • 3 plastic mission objectives: a dead Space Marine on throne, a Blood Angels artifact and a Cyber-Altered Task Unit.

Plus corridor sections, doors, markers, counters, dice, a sand clock (seems that they are keeping the "real time pressure" turns), the rulebook and a mission book.

Having a librarian, a captain and the broodlord looks like the rules will be a mixture of the original Space Hulk plus parts of the expansions. I'm eager to chech the new rules and test them!

Having more terminators and genestealers I hope rules can be adapted for more than two players (and I can switch to the old ruleset anyway).

Two miniatures

The miniatures look amazing (alhough I'll probably convert and paint them into Deathwing Terminators, to join my existing army). The genestealers look fantastic too, and will add more variety to the dozens I already have (I'm actually thinking about doing some imperial guard conversions to create genestealer hybrids).

Ahh, I can't wait for the 5th of september (well, a few more days until the order arrives home).

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