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When I backed Shadowrun Returns at Kickstarter nearing a year ago I did it based on pure faith. SR was a game I read about when I was young but never had the chance to play. I now have the third edition book + companion so at least I can read and learn specific rules, but in general I love the aesthetics of this futuristic fantasy world and was curious about how the computer videogame might result.

Well, the first screens and "alpha gameplay" footage is here, and I can't be happier.





In the video we see conversation options, skill points assignment, combat and exploration modes (the first turn-based, the second realtime). It also has the "old school CRPGs" isometric view, but with hi-res graphics and what looks to be a simple but powerful user interface.

And best of all, the level editor is going to come with the PC version!

I love how the whole game is being done: open and transparent communication with backers, frequent updates, early screenshots and even videos, and no desire to get greedy; As they already have quite some money, even non-backers will get a nice RPG that will feature near-endless hours of fun due to the editor.

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