Shadowrun Returns & Wasteland 2 CRPGs is a nice fresh idea: You present a project, define what it will be, show some concept art, sketches or a video of somebody explaining it, and you define pledges and associated rewards. A simple pledge can be a copy of the new RPG book, or a copy plus t-shirt, or even being included in the book as a NPC!
Then you get funds directly from buyers, and they get their pledge when you finish. Is amazingly simply yet brilliant, and what I love most is t hat you no longer need middle-companies or distributors, so you get mor profit and less restrictions.

While there are some really cool projects about physical RPGs, custom dice or new expansions/modules for existing games, two computer RPGs have all my attention (and now a bit of my money ;)

Shadowrun Returns & Wasteland 2.

If you are a pen&paper RPG player and old enough, chances are high you at least have seen, read about or played Shadowrun. But if not, there is a nice 87 free PDF "primer" at the authors' website.

And about the original Wasteland... Let's just say that the original computer game was the inspiration for the Fallout series.

I'm pretty sure more cool games will appear, but this two ones are looking really promising.

Bonus: Legend of Grimrock has just been released a few days ago. The game is a tribute to the legendary Dungeon Master, and from a few hours of play I can say it's recommend for all old school CRPG lovers.

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