Roleplaying idle time

One of the things I most like about Ultima Online is the possibilities it brings for roleplaying.
In other MMORPGs you have freedom, but only UO is capable of bringing that much freedom (visually, MUDs are even more customizable).

Thefreedom to decorate your house, the freedom to act like a nomad, thefreedom to be good or bad almost without limits (there are some, butcompared with other games it has the most open PVP),...

I usedto roleplay a lot when I were studing, reading, and such but didn'twanted to quit the game. I went to a forest and sitted down in a brokentree, or went to a town library to "study and learn", maybe went for awalk and stayed at some castle garden...

Now is almost the only thing I do. Study and study. In this case, "hidden sword mastery techniques".

I'll soon go to see myold friend Radagast the wizard, and maybe I'll mine and forge a little.I need to do something else than studying ;)

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