Resume of my WoW characters

Some of you may know my main WoW character, but for those that not, here's a small resume of each one (don't expect super-heroes ;) :

Kartones is my main character. He's a human warrior wo loves to travel around the world, exploring all places. He's a bit lonely, but because sometimes he has to attend special requests by the gnome engineers and can't go to dungeons with others.
He earns money by hunting monsters, mining minerals and building gnomish engineering devices. He's also an excellent cooker, and is slowly learning to fish, but is quite boring.

Agramon is a Draenei mage, who lives near the Exodar.
Upon arriving this lands, he has some amnesia and can't remember well almost anything. He has some innate magic powers, so he's re-learning everything to become a powerful mage.
His mentor was apt with ice magic, and after watching him froze a giant monster with a spell, Agramon decided he wanted to go for a frost magic path.
He's still weak but progressing by helping other survivors from the Draenei crash.
He likes to collect plants and flowers in order to make potions. He may be able to sell them soon to the market and earn money for more powerful spells.

Ewahn is a young Blood Elf. She was born in Silvermoon, and as with all young blood elves, now she's it's own in the forests, learning to fight with the sword and bow.
Curiously, after fighting some local fauna, she started to notice that sometimes strange auras appeared around her. Spoke about it with an elder, and actually she is a paladin! Yet she has a lot to learn, the benefits of having holy elven powers are indeed interesting.
Recently she uncovered a dwarven spy, and some night elf explorers near the capital, so she's training hard to be able to deal with them.[tags:World of Warcraft]

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