Reaper's Bones Kickstarter: Run for it!

I am around 10 projects backed on kickstarter already, and not all of them are RPG related, but at the time of writing this post, you still have 52 hours to get an incredible deal.

Reaper miniatures is doing a "Bones" kickstarter: For 100$ (+25$ for international shipping), you get the "vampire level" which right now amasses around 150 200 miniatures, including heroes, monsters, futuristinc minis, "fire" and translucid special minis, townsfolk, elfs, dwarves, goblins...

Just count, is less than 1$ per mini, and believe me, the quality is really high and most look really amazing.

And then, if you want, for increases of 10-15$, you can get optional packs with huge minis like dragons (all sorts of them), giant skeletons, ettins, drows, giants, demons, even Cthulhu mythos monsters!

I couldn't resist having the Ettin and Drow extra packs, and I'm seriously thinking about Dragons or daemons, but even the basic pack is incredibly cheap for the stuff you get.

At the kickstarter page you can check the full lists, I won't link them because the image is already huge and constantly changing (the total pledges are coming near 1.9 million dollars!).

If you like fantasy miniatures, either for painting or for any fantasy game (Descent, DnD or any similar one) you should really take a look. But do it fast before the kickstarter ends!

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