Ready to play Space Hulk!

Finally, I've finished assembling all the pieces to be able to play Space Hulk.

Between a lot of Real World™ tasks and the arrival on pc of some nice games (specially Dragon Age), I've been a bit off from non-computer related gaming.

The assembled miniatures look just amazing, my only complaint is that they are clearly Blood Angels and I want Deathwing terminators, so even if it's not an easy task I'm going to try to reconvert them. Up to the moment I've only removed a few Blood Angel drop icons, but there is still a lot of work (and the incredible detail the miniatures have doesn't help to ease the task ;)

I'm halfway through the rulebook and unless my memory fails is almost the same rules of the first edition, but including Deathwing expansion weapons and Psykers/Librarians.

Time to find a free weekend morning to play it!

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