Purchasing some out of print RPG books

Thanks to my friend Vicente now I'm doomed too and I've started buying old and out of print pen&paper RPG books.

To test it, I've bought two books, Megatraveller and Cyberpunk 3rd edition.

Megatraveller (1986!!!) is a space sci-fi RPG with heavy focus on the creation of characters, settings, worlds, and even spaceships. Characters have to choose a profession as background, you can design your own space (and have space fights), and in general get as deep as you want.

I learned about this game playing the old Amiga games (Megatraveller I and II), and I recall having seen this boxed set (contains three books plus a huge hexagonal star chart) when I was quite young, so I couldn't miss this opportunity :D

Cyberpunk 3rd edition is the other book. As can be seen in the photo, I alreaady own the 2nd edition in spanish. In fact I didn't knew there was a semi-recent new revision (2005), so why not giving it a try...

From the intro and first look, seems that the complex rules of Cyberpunk 2020 have been simplified and streamlined a lot (the game was quite hard to learn and play, and also very easy to die after all the effort demanded for setting everything up).

I need time to read them but looks like I'll be searching for more old RPGs...

Purchasing some out of print RPG books published @ by

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