Playing Roguelikes and other nerd stuff

Apart from lots of other things, like playing again pen-and-paper RPGs or finishing at last some CRPGs, I'm trying some "different" computer RPGs, Roguelikes.

They will probably scare a lot of people for their text-mode graphics (excepting a few ones), but if you've ever enjoyed Diablo or any other action-RPG, you have to try roguelikes...

I'm amazed how complex are them. Anyone is much better than the overall pc action-rpg, and some of them just deserve money investment and graphic artists to become a commercial-like quality game.

Curiously, the last game I've tried is the first one I've read about... Unangband. A fantastic RPG ambiented in Tolkien's world.

A curious set of "remakes" are the following three games:

Diablo RL: Same gameplay as the original Blizzard's game, but in text mode.

Doom RL: This one is quite fun, after having played and finished a few times Doom RPG.

Aliens RL: This is the best of the three for me. I love Aliens films, and this actionRPG is fantastic. The line of sight is quite well done, inventory management is easy... You should try it!

Dwarf Fortress is the last and more complex one of all my recent discoveries. The game is a 2x1: You can build and manage a dwarven fortress like in a strategy game with multiple levels, complex conditions as humidity and hostile civilitzations, or you can play as an adventurer and explore the huge world (almost 20kx20k squares!!!).

Seriously, I've discovered an amazing new world of entertainment... much better than commercial, mindless hack'n slash "RPG"s.

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