Pirate Ghost Ship model kit

I am slowly coming back to miniature painting, and I thought that buying a simple but model kit could be a nice start. After going to a naval museum I thought about maybe some ship, and decided to buy the Revell Ghost ship model kit. It is far easier to assemble than any normal boat (with the sails and cords/ropes) and the "glows in the dark" feature peeked my curiosity.

The model is advertised as "easy-click system", and while most of it can indeed be built without glueing the pieces, as they just snap in, there's a few ones where I think it would very easily go off, like the union points between the (plastic) ropes and the masts. So I just glued everything.

It comes with a glow in the dark paint can, and in theory you don't need anything else, but I decided to basecoat the whole ship with black, and bronze for the brown plastic parts. The special paint is curious, feels like a mix of glowing pigment and glue. You'll have to apply multiple layers, and the ship eventually gets the greenish color, but must also be careful as a too big and non spread chunk of paint will stay when dried. Also the stickers are not water-based, but simple plastic children-like ones, which is sad as I couldn't properly hide them despite applying a few layers of glowing paint over. I should have cut them with scissors to leave just the real skull and crossbones part, but didn't thought about it.

Overall, I really like how the finished model looks. It was a fun assembly, a simple but long painting process, and it really glows nicely in the dark "after charging" with sunlight.

Ghost pirate ship side view

Ghost pirate ship close-up view

Ghost pirate ship rear view

Ghost pirate ship glow mode view

Glowing photo taken from the official Revell site as my camera is crappy and can't take good photos in the dark. While not as incredibly green, it does glow a lot and looks very cool.

You can see these and a few more photos at the photo gallery.

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