Painting Progress 20130113

I am pretty happy because I've done two things this weekend.

First, I built an spreadsheet with all my Citadel paints, their equivalent with the new GW color names/chart, which ones are semi-dry or almost-dry (to buy new ones next week) and to have some kind of general look of which paints I might need in the future and plan accordingly.

And second, I've been painting a few hours, with the following minis being the winners.

Here is the 5th edition box plastic Dreadnought, with some specific Dark Angels props and banners. I had it half-painted so it's been more of finally following my past schema and ideas. Nothing special to remark except that it has my first attempt at Dark Angel green highlighting. I need to practice more and the photo does not show it so much, but it looks better so from now on, at least one highlight layer will be in any DA scheme miniature.

Painted Dreadnought

I also had from last year a lot of necrons pending painting. As they were a gift from my girlfriend it is "critical enough" so I've started the task... and they are fairly easy and quick to paint, so here is the first one I finished:

Painted Necron


As I wanted to paint more necrons, I decided to start first with a small conversion I made months ago and I wanted to paint, a necron "specter" lord.
Apart from filling the gaps of the scythe, leaving plain the handle, a bit of green stuff to leave the hands more plain like necron ones and attaching a small "necron core" inside was not in need of more modding, so for once I built it a decent base.

WIP Necron lord

WIP Necron lord

As you can see it is not too complex, a bit of crappy "green lighting" inside, and playing with interlacing a mixture of greys with black washes until I like the cloak color. And the base is pending too, just the ruins have some color.
But I like how it really looks like a scary necron.


I have one more week of vacations so let's see if I can finish either a bunch of necrons or a few other minis. And I also need to work out how to improve room lighting for the photos, colors are not well captured.

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